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Third Party Logistics Warehousing ( 3PL Warehousing )

Third party Logistics Warehousing (3PL Warehousing)

Third-party logistics (3PL) is a service that allows you to outsource operational logistics as inventory management, warehousing, and delivery. To know if your business really demands such a service, you have to skim through the advantages of hiring 3PL provider:


Focusing on other pressing aspects of your business and core competencies


Increasing efficiency, reducing costs and expanding operations


Guaranteeing flexibility based on your fluctuating needs


Filling the gaps in your supply chain


Integrating the finest solutions to your business to address complex challenges


Fostering business growth and improving customer experience

When you work closely with AZ Logistic, you gain a competitive advantage. Be backed by a swift shipping process and cut the expenses of renting or buying your own building and equipment.

Whether you own a small or big company that needs warehousing, AZ Logistic has got you covered! we offer both bound, unbound, and more 3PL warehousing solutions to fit your needs. 

Moreover, with user convenience in mind, we build warehouses that are well-equipped with up-to-date technology and the highest safety measures to guarantee that your goods are as safe as possible, and with our user-focused pick and pack service, we give you the most cost-effective service.

Driven by long-term industry experience and a genuine passion to fulfill dreams, our team’s knowledge and insight form the essence of our operation.

AZ logistic prides itself on being the most reliable logistics company because we never compromise any of the quality measures: safety, reliability, and storage capacity.

Tailored specifically for your needs, our services are as follows:


Huge capacity warehouses


Always monitored warehouses


Warehouse management system


Climate controlled facilities


Multiple docking bays


Repacking services

Why to choose AZLogstics third party logistics warehousing (3PL warehousing)?


Scaleable service

Our massive warehouses can fit all of your expanding needs over time


Our A to Z service

We handle each and every procedure that relates to the warehousing of your goods


Highly reliable

Reliable warehouses equipped with up-to-the-minute techs to ensure the safety of your goods


Proven quality

Throughout the years, our experience encouraged many leading companies and institutions to depend on us.


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